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  • Born: 21.3.2021
  • Father: MultiCH, ShowCH, JuniorCH Arniee of Silesian Weim
  • Mother: C.I.B.-V, CH CZ, CH SK Any od Ptačího dolu
  • Breeder: Tereza Křížová (Emerald Marvel kennel)
  • Owner: Denisa Bačkovská (Forest Treasure kennel)
  • Teeth: complete, scissor bite
  • White marks: Without white marks
  • Height: 63cm
  • Weight: 31kg
  • Reg. No.: ČLP/VOK/11837
  • Ribbon color: orange
  • Birth weight: 449g
  • Hips dysplasia: HD A/A
  • Elbow dysplasia: ED 0/0
  • DCM (heart examination): negative ( 10/2023)
  • Malignant hyperthermia (MH) : N/N clear 
  • Hyperurikosurie (HUU) : N/N clear 
  • Hypomyelinization (HYM) : N/N clear 
  • Degenerative myleopatia (DM) : N/N clear 
  • Longhair gene (LHC): N/N clear
crown jewel emerald marvel







  • 3x BOS - Best Opposite Sex
  • JBOB - Junior Best of Breed
  • 3x CACIB - Candidate for Interchampion
  • JBIS 3/22! - 3rd Junior Best in Show
  • CAC, CAJC, Ex., VP1
  • Club show- V3/7



  • Ability exam - 1st prize, nose 4, 221 points
  • Autumn Field Trial - 1st prize 276 points
  • Water exam - 1st prize, 96 points, 5th place of 24 dogs
  • Working class certifikate "LUP"
  • Chelsea is used in hunting



Female dog with strong bones. A long-framed. With a beautiful deep chest, a typical female head. The right eye and ear. Perfect on the move. Nice coat color.



Chelsea is a very outgoing female, she loves humen contact and is very cuddly. She likes to climb on everyone´s lap. She loves chlidren and lets them pet him allday.

At the same time she is also a good watchman, she immediately draws attention to visitors, but as soon she gets to know him, she is very cuddly.

The training with her went withnout a problem in very way, she is a bit stiffer bitch, but when you know how to handle her, she knows every command right away.

She is very active, she still has enough energy after a whole day of hunting, but at the same time she can sleep peacefully in bed all day.



Chelsea is a very tasty bitch. From a young age,they were attracted by smells and fetches. We started early with a training, which went withnout a problem.

She likes to carry all kinds of retrieves, be it furry,feathered or even harmful. She loves the water and this can be seen in her beautiful willingness to be on the water. When we go to practice,she is absolutely delighted and always can´t wait.

In a year and half, she had completed her aptitude exam, autumn exam and water exams. All exams in the first prize with a high number of points. And in the fall, she immediately went on her first working seaso,, in which she managed 10 hunt.

We are also preparing for further exams, because she is very clever.



We started going to exhibitions right from puppy, so that she could get used to a different environment, handling and a lot of traffic.

She was successful at shows from a young age. All the judges liked her every time.

She has already had enoung success in her very short show carrer and I hope there are more to come. 



The pedigree contains mainly ancestors focused on the working side, but we can also find show champions.

Arniee, the father of Chelsea, his English bloodlines stand out especially for their longevity, it is no exception that his ancestors lived to be 13 - 16 years old. Arniee's father, grandfather and great-grandfather were very successful stud dogs who had a significant impact on breeding in the UK.All of them were very successful at shows, Logan (grandfather) was one of the most successful weimaraners of recent times, he won several times the winner of the breed at Crufts (the most prestigious show in Europe).

Arniee's mother, Dixie, is a multiple champion, very successful at shows. Her mother, Isa z Mandátu, is a purely Czech bloodline, she is Interchampion, Grand Champion, Multichampion and has many other titles, she is also a versatile. Her father, a dog imported from England to the Czech Republic, also a versatile dog and a champion of beauty.  Dixie and both of her parents, such as Isa from Mandate and Hollieseast Silver Saracen, are candidates for the Working Champion.
Arniee himself is also successful at shows, he is champion of several countries, show champion and junior champion. It also works perfectly in the field, excelling above all in its solid exposure. He loves water and therefore it is no wonder that he won the Water Work Exam. It is used in hunting practice on small game hunts and is also often called upon to hunt in difficult mountain terrains, where it is highly valued for its perfect nose and carefully done work.Arniee has a great character, he is very friendly, he gets along with and dogs, he is a great cuddler.


Any, mother of Chelsey is Champion of Beauty of the Czech Republic and Slovakia, Grand Champion of Beauty of the Czech Republic, Veteran Champion and she has already won the title C.I.E.-V. Her biggest success was the victory of the open class at the Weimaraner Club Show, where she defeated 13 other females and won the CAC title! Any has passed autumn and water work exams in I. price, she is an excellent retriever and waterman, fast in the field, she has an excellent very fine nose, she can smell game at a long distance. It exhibits and progresses perfectly. It is very sharp on vermin. An excellent babysitter, she won't let anyone else into the house. It is used in hunting practice - on small game hunts and on aftermaths.
The grandmother of the, the great-grandfather and beyond were versatile dogs. Chelsea's great-grandfather was even a champion of work and also passed all-round exams. Grandma Chelsea, Fatima z Šonovské hory, has passed autumn, forest, water and all-round exams. Her sire Baron od Jituše has also passed the autumn, forest, water and all-round exams several times. It is also worth mentioning his sire German dog Cent vom Pfadelsberg, also a versatile dog and a widely used stallion in Germany, as well as his sire Erbo von der Lippe.

From her side of the pedigree it is worth mentioning Vir z Hajnice, who was not only successful at shows but also in terms of work. Vir was Czech and Slovak Champion of Beauty, he had several aptitude tests, autumn, forest, water and all-round. In addition, he also passed the German hunting fitness exams and successfully completed the highest possible memorial for pointers in the Czech Republic – the Richard Knoll Memorial (VZ),  from which he qualified and succeeded at the Karel Podhajský Memorial.


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